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Well-being requires an holistic approach to eating a diet full of whole foods, fresh water, sunlight, exercise, and plenty of rest.

Our aim is to educate you through nutrition principles and equip you with the tools to achieve a nurturing daily routine involving wholefoods, nutritious recipes, exercise and a good nights sleep. Every body is different and our approach reflects the uniqueness of who you are.

Our consultations involve building a detailed picture of your diet and lifestyle. We address any concerns you may have about  your health and review:

  • helping you to address your health-focused goals
  • helping you to achieve optimal nutrition
  • helping you to achieve an understanding of how you can plan appropriate meals and snacks
  • helping you to achieve a healthy relationship with food

We have an abundance of resources to help you learn & grow with healthy nutritional recipes, ideas and support. We help you figure out how to eat what you love in a nutritional  way!

Getting the kids to eat a variety of healthy food seems like an uphill battle at times. We like to get to the root cause of why your child isn’t eating food as enthusiastically as you would like. Support is available and Our outstanding Nutritionist Josephine Teoh has a particular passion to support parents in the development of healthy behaviours with their offspring!


Naturopathic Medicine

We practice in restorative medicine, weaving clinical techniques such as functional medicine & testing, evidence based + herbal medicine, therapeutic nutritional guidance & lifestyle tools to support health with a deeply grounded view. 

We guide clients to unlock the root causes of each individuals health & well-being challenge they are facing to unearth their long-term vitality and wellness through the philosophy of plant based medicine

MediHerbs genuine passion is to continually uphold the benchmark of quality, safety and efficacy in natural healthcare. This is supported by their commitment to combine the time-honoured wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience, the rigour of scientific research and power of education. Learn  more via this Link

Your first  appointment is between 1/2 an hour to 1 hour. Follow up appointments will be from 20 to 60 minutes in length depending on your specific health concerns . During the first visit we will take a detailed history of your current and past health concerns, conduct a physical exam and order laboratory tests to make an assessment and diagnosis. With your input, a personalised treatment plan will be created to inspire healing and work towards your specific goals.

Positive Wellness integrates advanced western medicine and the best complementary and nutritional treatment to provide a comprehensive approach to preventative health management. We focus holistically on the whole body, all the messages your body is sending. We listen and work with you, when it seems like nothing else can be done, we are there ready to dig deeper and challenge that mindset & result

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Phytotherapy Medicine

Phytotherapy is the use of molecules derived from plants for the treatment and prevention of disease. All of the scientific principles and equipment used are pure plant molecules. What makes phytotherapy different than herbalism or herbal medicine is that it’s a science-based medical practice. Before releasing a phytoceutical product, the preparation undergoes clinical trials and rigorous biomedical studies.

The thing that sets phytotherapy apart from herbalism or herbal medicine is that it’s a science-based medical practice. All releases of Phytoceutical products undergo clinical trials and rigorous biomedical studies. Your getting the efficancy of modern tech with the safety & bioavailability of herbal medicine. 

Plants have been used for healing since the Paleolithic days. There’s a very long historical use of phytoceuticals in Indian, Chinese and native cultures. “healing with medicinal plants is as old as mankind itself.” In the search for useful medicinal plants we have found healing compounds in barks, seeds, fruit bodies and other parts of plants.

Its understood Phytoceuticals are quite safe and non-toxic, and when they are used appropriately, they do not cause any adverse side effects. In fact, long term use said to be safe. The formulas found in phytoceuticals are lab tested and approved.

In few cases, however, phytotherapy preparations may cause allergic reactions, which depends on the users personal reaction to a specific plant extract.

Pharmaceutical drugs, which are synthetic versions of plant compounds, are sometimes rejected by the body as a xenobiotic or foreign substance. But our bodies accept plants as natural, which is why there are no toxic effects when we use them as medicine.

Phytoceuticals dont have the “tolerance” effect of pharmaceutical drugs. Tolerance is the diminishing marginal effectiveness of a drug over time.This often occurs with prescription medications and illicit drugs. Phytoceuticals that are created from actual plant molecules, can be used consistently, over a longer timeframe. Your body accepts the medicine and doesn’t reject or become tolerant.


Wellness & Lifestyle Guidance

Inspired, personlised and engaged guidance of self care, including looking at the quality of your sleep, introducing practices to clean living, creating optimal life balance, grounding + oneness with nature & therapeutic stress relief practices. We engage with our process of healing and infuse life with our warmth and rhythm.

You are so loved, and we know as part of any healing journey, self care, and prioritising that as part of the journey to wellness is another very important tool, in your wellness toolkit. Many of us in clinic are mothers, recovered from dis-ease and fully understanding of the need to look after yourself in the midst  of it all. We run regular selfcare workshops, focusing on how to do it naturally, holistically and inspired!

We offer support in creating a lifestyle around clean living practice. We have many natural products, DIY recipes and tips on how to make positive changes that will create a cleaner lifestyle. We run short classes on clean living & DIY recipes. Ask at reception to join a class

Stress if the thief of health. Its important to consider the impact of stress on your health and work towards creating a environment around you and your family to minimise those unnecessary stresses. Including mindset,what we consume in all ways and our priorities in life. As part of the journey to wellness a shift in the way we understand stress is paramount. Let us help you identify the major stress factors in your life and take them on holistically!